Sunday, February 21, 2010

Videos Taken at the PISCES Test Site describing various experiments.

Sadly, we had just missed viewing important experiments performed by various agencies at the PISCES test site. This video shows the remains of the Canadians as they pack up their gear. PISCES has to have permits for all experiments performed and must take out everything they take in. Plus, they also remove invasive plants as much as possible.

This is a description of the types of experiments going on at the PISCES test site by Dr. Frank Schowengerdt. The PISCES Test Site consists of 40 Meters of fine volcanic ash.

After Dr. Schowengerdt spoke, his colleague Dr. Fox followed up with more information, explaining why the PISCES site is important as an analog test site for living on the Moon or even Mars.

The last significant speech at the PISCES Test Site was given by Chris Pestak, a Project Manager and Senior Marketing Manager with Battelle. He described their concept of a Thermal Wadi that could be used on the moon to begin building small blocks of infrastructure. Later on at the general meeting, I viewed an impressive hypothetical video showing the robots making the Thermal Wadi.

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