Sunday, February 21, 2010

PISCES test site 1

After brief introductions at the University of Hawaii at Hilo Astonomy Center, we went off in large vans to visit the PISCES test site located in the foothills of Mauna Kea.

As we approached the PISCES site we are able to view the remains of a large testing initiative of teams from NASA and the German and Canadian space agencies (CSA).

Red suits are CSA, blue suits are NASA.

As stated from an article on PISCES, our visit just missed the active testing that had been taking place, "Here, they will test technology that will help astronauts live off the land, manufacture their own oxygen, and survive for long periods of time in space. Over a dozen projects will be involved, featuring rovers, lasers, drills, solar arrays and oxygen-making technology. There will also be training exercises in space medicine. College students from Hawai`i and Canada will support many of the tests." Read more:,1121450.shtml#ixzz0gDF5jmME

International students, space agencies and industry gather at PISCES to discuss, explore, and plan for new exploration and colonization systems.

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