Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Presentation was very well received!!

The PISCES 3rd annual meeting finished up last night and it was an incredible two day event. I have 20 GB of videos and films to go through and edit, but let me tell you that we have some incredible footage of the PISCES Lunar/Mars analog testing site and Mt. Mauna Kea's summit, which has 13 of the largest land based telescopes in the world.

And most importantly our presentation and concept was very well received by everyone at the meeting. Researchers were excited to let us know what we could do next to get it into the next phase of development.

Ironically, I have had a horrible head cold this whole trip! So, today we are going to rest in Kona and fly back tomorrow and will report in soon with our story.


  1. Congratulations all! And why are you all wearing pants? It's shorts weather there, isn't?

  2. Thanks Memo. Yes, it was shorts weather there; but, we were also presenting that day and had a semi-formal dinner to attend. At least we didn't have to wear are tuxedos. :)